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Gunsmithing Guns of the Old West - 2nd edition
by David R. Chicoine

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2004! This expanded 2nd edition of Gunsmithing Guns of the Old West is specifically designed to meet the growing demand for practical knowledge about the workings of guns used in the old west as well the guns used in today's popular sport of Cowboy Action Shooting.

Gunsmithing Guns of the Old West - 2nd edition is packed with expanded coverage of the 1st edition's featured guns, as well as updated gunsmithing tips and advice. Included for your enjoyment are an additional 125 new diagrams & illustrations, 5 new hand guns, 4 new long-guns and an expanded glossary. A carefully edited volume that contains step-by-step, detailed illustrations that demonstrate how to repair and upgrade old-west firearms. This valuable knowledge is passed along to both novice shooters and advanced gunsmiths alike from a working professional with over 30 years of experience, who has maintained a well respected reputation for quality custom gunsmithing work.

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Gunsmithing Guns of the Old West, 2nd Edition: Table of Contents
Chapter 1: An introduction to the guns of the old and of the new West
What is black powder?
Black or smokeless?
Black powder charges.
Cartridges for guns of the “new west”
Low pressure cowboy load problems
Chapter 2: The Gunsmith
Chapter 3: The Gunsmith's Tools
The gunsmith at the range.
Chapter 4: General Repair Work
Black powder cleaning procedures
Dummy cartridges
What is headspace, measuring bore and chambers
Useful Thoughts for Cowboy shooters.
Metal preparation
Gun metal finishes.
Cleaning and preserving finishes.
Firearms Restoration.
The right color, where?
Screws and pins.
Revolver grip repairs
Long-gun stock repairs
Refinishing old gun stocks
General rules for hammers and triggers.
Sight thoughts.
The not-so-good, the bad and the awful: Some bad things we’ve seen done to good guns.
Chapter 5 Handguns
General revolver repair.
Shaky wheel guns
Hands and ratchets
Gas rings
Managing percussion revolvers
Assembly tips
Colt and Colt type revolvers
Colt 1873 Single Action Army (disassembly and large expanded gunsmithing coverage)
Colt Cowboy "
EMF Great Western II "
Uberti Cattleman "
Colt1877 Double Action (disassembly instructions)
Colt 1878 Double Action (disassembly and expanded gunsmithing coverage)
Colt open-top & percussion "
Colt 1851 Navy "
Colt Paterson (disassembly instructions)
Cimarron Lightning Model (disassembly instructions)
Merwin-Hulbert: single action (disassembly and expanded gunsmithing coverage)
Remington revolvers & pistols
Remington 1858 (disassembly instructions)
Remington 1875 (disassembly instructions)
Remington double derringer (disassembly instructions)
Remington Rolling Block single shot pistol (disassembly instructions)
Ruger revolvers
Old Style Blackhawk (disassembly instructions)
New Model Vaquero (disassembly instructions)
Smith & Wesson Revolvers and replicas
Tip Up Models (disassembly and expanded gunsmithing coverage)
Small Top-Breaks (disassembly and expanded gunsmithing coverage)
Large Top-Breaks (disassembly and large expanded gunsmithing coverage)
Navy Arms/Uberti replicas (disassembly and expanded gunsmithing coverage)
Starr Double Action (disassembly instructions)
Starr Single Action (disassembly instructions)
Chapter 6 Rifles
The Rifle
Marlin history
Model 1881 (disassembly instructions)
Model 1893 (disassembly instructions)
336-444-1895 new models (disassembly instructions)
1894  new models (disassembly instructions)
Remington Rolling Block. (disassembly instructions)
Sharps 1874. (disassembly instructions)
Springfield Model 1873 Rifle (disassembly instructions)
Winchester Rifles
Henry Rifle (disassembly and expanded gunsmithing coverage)
Uberti 1866 "
Model 1873-1876 "
Model 1885 single shot (disassembly instructions)
Model 1886 (disassembly instructions)
Model 1892 (disassembly instructions)
Winchester take-down repairs
EMF Hartford-Rossi Model 92 rifles (disassembly instructions)
Model 1894 (disassembly instructions)
Chapter 7 Shotguns
The Shotgun
Colt Model 1883 Double (disassembly instructions)
EMF Hartford Double (disassembly instructions)
Spencer Pump (disassembly instructions)
Stevens Model 311 double (disassembly instructions)
Model 1887 lever action (disassembly instructions)
Model 1897 pump (disassembly instructions)
Chapter 8 Glossary
Chapter 9
Firearms sources

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