uniquely experienced and qualified with Smith & Wesson firearms

David R. Chicoine (the author of Smith & Wesson Sixguns of the Old West) long time recognized expert in this field where Smith & Wesson has been a shop specialty since 1974.

The Smith & Wesson factory has been referring its customers with older and antique S&W's to David since about 1976. In recent years, David has been joined in the gunsmithing business by his son, David T. Chicoine whose specialities are S&W Hand Ejectors and other post-1898 classic firearms (the .44 Hand Ejector shown above and the Registered Magnum shown lower in this page are some of David T's work.)


Offering you expert repairs, refinishing and restoration work on all S&Ws from the .22 caliber Model No. 1, up through the largest modern magnums and including most of their semi-automatic pistols.

Tip-up revolvers
Top-break revolvers
Hand Ejector revolvers
Model numbered revolvers

Some of the many services we offer for Smith & Wesson handguns are. . .

  • Repairs of all kinds
  • Action work & fine tuning
  • Barrel and cylinder work
  • Accuracy work
  • Sight work
  • Early factory-quality refinishing and restoration
  • Registered Magnums are a shop specialty
  • Original parts for S&W's from 1857-1960.
  • Custom work
  • 19th Century casings
  • Fire and flood damage assesment and repair
  • Original-obsolete S&W parts
  • A little background:

    David R. Chicoine has been working on Smith & Wesson revolvers since he was a teenager in the 1960s when he began tinkering with police friend's revolvers in New York. Later, starting in about 1974 in southern NY, operating as Liberty Antique Sixgun Parts he has kept an inventory of obsolete-antique Smith & Wesson parts and offered gunsmithing services for antique S&W's. David then moved his family to southeastern Connecticut and operated as Liberty Antique Gunworks offering repair serevices for all older firearms for several years. Moving to Maine in 1983, he spent the next 17 years gunsmithing in northeastern Maine on the Atlantic coast, we have been in sunny North Carolina since 2000. David is the author of five books: Gunsmithing Guns of the Old West (now in its 2nd edition), Smith & Wesson Sixguns of the Old West, Guns of the New West, Gun Digest Manual of Antique Firearms Assembly/Disassembly. David's articles are regularly featured in American Gunsmith Magazine as well as in Dixie Gun Works' Blackpowder Annual and my articles have appeared in Man at Arms, Shotgun News, Winchester Collectors Journal, Smith & Wesson Collectors Journal and Single Shot Exchange. David is also a regular contibuting editor to the American Rifleman.


    David T. Chicoine graduated from high school in Eastport, Maine where he spent time apprenticing in his dad's gun shop as well as working in the fishing industry. David is an experienced auto mechanic, a skilled model maker and a USAF veteran. David has recently returned to the field of gunsmithing which he loves, his specialty is more modern S&W's and Colts (post-1898), classic sporting rifles and post 1898 firearms in general, including his special pets; WW1 and WW2 military weapons. The beautiful .44 Hand Ejector and .357 Registered Magnum S&W shown above and another below are examples of David's restoration work.





    Smith & Wesson Model No. 2: Check out Ron Curtis's web site where he has placed valuable info for Model 2 collectors http://www.model2project.com/