David R. and David T. Chicoine

David R. Chicoine

Author of five books: Gunsmithing Guns of the Old West (now in its 2nd edition), Smith & Wesson Sixguns of the Old West, Guns of the New West, Gun Digest Manual of Antique Firearms Assembly/Disassembly. My articles are regularly featured in American Gunsmith Magazine as well as in Dixie Gun Works' Blackpowder Annual and my articles have appeared in Man at Arms, Shotgun News, Winchester Collectors Journal, Smith & Wesson Collectors Journal and Single Shot Exchange.
I am also a regular contibuting editor to the American Rifleman.

Gunsmith: I literally wrote the book(s) on the subject. Years of hands-on gunsmithing and restoration experience with the great classic weapons such as Colt, Greener, Holland & Holland, Marlin, Merwin, Parker, Purdey, Remington, Sharps, L. C. Smith, Smith & Wesson, Webley, Winchester, to name a few. As well as modern replicas from ASM, Armi-Sport, Cimarron, Dixie Gun Works, Navy Arms, Pedersoli, Pietta and Uberti.

Until 2000, when we moved to North Carolina, I owned and operated Liberty Antique Gunworks in Eastport, Maine which was a full-line firearms repair and restoration business. I have over 30 years of intimate experience with the repair and restoration of Smith & Wesson Top-Break, Tip-Up and Hand Ejector models, early Colts, Sharps, Remington and the Marlin and Winchester lever guns, shotguns and single shots (ask those gun factories, they will refer you to me.) In addition, I have had extensive experience with British and American double guns as well as the Webley WG, Marks and RIC type revolvers.

Gun Parts: From 1976 until 2000 when I sold my inventory, I owned the only company specializing in obsolete parts for older Smith & Wesson revolvers with an inventory of thousands of original parts. At this time I am in the process of rebuilding an inventory of parts for antique S&W revolvers.

Gun company referrals: Since the mid-1970s the Smith & Wesson factory, U.S. Repeating Arms Co. (Winchester rifles), Remington Arms and Marlin Firearms have been referring thier customers who have older and antique firearms to me for all sorts of repair and restoration services.

My status: After spending most of my adult life in the gunsmithing trade, although I am still performing gunsmithing work, I have semi-retired from gunsmithing in order to move on to other interests, which include writing. At present still I take in mostly pre-1898 firearms for repair and some restoration projects. My son (below) David is working with me on a full-time basis in the shop and is repairing and restoring more modern firearms.

e-mail dave@oldwestgunsmith.com

Member: S.A.S.S., Colt Collectors Assn., past member S&WCA, Winchester Arms Collectors.


David T. Chicoine

It is my distinct pleasure to inform you that, as of February 15th 2007 my son, David T. Chicoine, is now working in the repair shop with me on a full-time basis.

A note from dad: "In the 2004 my son, David T. Chicoine started taking in firearms work, working part-time with me in the shop, David is specializing in most newer weapons (post 1900) as well as in older military rifles, thus filling in the gaps for some of the weapons I stopped accepting in 2000. David spent a lot of time as a teenager working in my shop and apprenticed with me for a couple of years, he is an excellent and creative gunsmith with an extra-keen eye for detail."

David T. Chicoine graduated from high school in Eastport, Maine where he spent time apprenticing in his dad's gun shop as well as working in the fishing industry. David is a skilled model maker, an experienced auto mechanic and a USAF veteran. David has recently returned to the field of gunsmithing which he loves, on a full-time basis, his specialty is more modern S&W's and Colts (post-1898), classic sporting rifles and post 1898 firearms in general, including his special pets; WW1 and WW2 military weapons. One of David T's favorite specialties is restoration and preservation work on S&W's famous Registered Magnums.

e-mail davejr@oldwestgunsmith.com

If you have any projects in mind on newer (post 1898) firearms, David will give you the same great craftsmanship you expect from me and at least for the present, his turn-around times are generally shorter!

Between the two of us, father and son, we are now offering services that cover firearms ranging from flintlocks up to and including modern AR-type rifles (one of David T’s favorites), S&W, SIG and H&K products.

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