Custom Ivory Grips

(one piece or two piece, plain or carved)

Above: a 4" 2nd Generation SAA with 1pc ivory stocks. Revolver courtesy E.G. Wade.

It is an honor to be able to recommend the work of this renowned and highly skilled craftsman:

- Jerry Meacham -

20308 Ridgebrook Ln., Locust, NC 28097

new #. . .(704) 485-3374
(704) 578-3585 cell

Above: a 3rd Generation Colt SAA, one-piece ivory. Revolver courtesy E.G. Wade.

above: Uberti Bisley stocked by Jerry in 2006.

Above: two 3rd Generation Colt SAA's, stocked in one-piece ivory, in a custom slim-jim rig by James Allen. The Colt revolvers, knife & leather all courtesy of E. G. Wade

above two photos: Cimarron Firearms .44 Bisley, rebarreled with a Colt SAA barrel, frame color case work by Classic Guns, Inc.,
ivory grips by Jerry Meacham. Revolver courtesy Philip Michael

above, a set of beautifully aged ivories made by Jerry for a worn, 1876 vintage S&W Schofield .45, here he has even used original Smith & Wesson grip escutcheons and screw.