Antique Firerams Repair and Restoration


For years our primary specialty has been the repair and restoration of antique and obsolete weaponry and David Sr. has authored several books on the subject. We have built a reputation for successfully repairing many arms deemed irreparable by other shops. Our finishing work and restoration work is well-known around the world and the quality we produce takes a back-seat to no one.



Factory Recommended-

Marlin, Colt, Smith & Wesson, Remington, U.S. Repeating Arms (Winchester) and others have all referred their customers with obolete and antique arms to this shop.



Our finishing work sets the highest possible standards. In every instance we set out to achieve the kind of craftsmanship originally produced by the maker of the firearm, whether that be from 1735 or 1935. We offer several types of classical metal finishes: slow-rust blue, nitre blue, straw, charcoal blue, hot caustic blue, case colors, electro-plate and others. We also offer hand-rubbed oil, hand-rubbed-in varnish and amber varnish finishes on wood, complete checkering and re-checkering services. Reproductions of original 19th century grips and custom wood working.

Examples of woods available for custom and reproduction grip work.


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Photo by David R. Chicoine, 2004