Smith & Wesson Target Sight Parts

updated 7/26/12

Front sights

Target fronts for the Top-Break target models. . .
New Model Number 3 Target, Paine target front sights for the New Model No. 3 Target (below left), near new-blued, some storage dings and need cleaning. I have a few left in .200" height only for the 32-44. $85.00 each
. . .as above, I have a few in the correct .44 height, brand new, unblued and never installed $125.00

.38 Single Action (above, right-also fits DA, Safety Hammerless and 1891 Single shot.) Paine front, fits 38 SA, DA, Safety and 1891 Single Shot, used exc, some storage dings and may have light rusting. $45.00


.38 and 32-20 Hand Ejector target fronts: pictured below
a) Lyman "Sheard" style .275", new, no bead installed $25.00 or unmarked .175" high $15.00
b) Marbles "Sheard" style .315", new, no bead installed $25.00
c) Factory post target, as new, .320" and .290". $35.00
d) Factory Paine target .275" $45.00
e) Factory Patridge (1930s-40s), 1/8" x .255", as new $35.00 or 1/10" x .300" Gold Bead $75.00
f) Factory Baugman ramp 1950s, .215" new, white $25.00

22-32 and .32 HE Target Scarce: Paine target fronts, new-unfinished and never fitted some storage dings and may have light rusting, in the white. $30.00 each


(examples of Paine target front sights are pictured below on this page)


Rear sight blades (slides)

.38 and .44 Hand ejector Target rear sight slides, "U" notch out of stock

New Model 3 Target rear sight slides, "U" notch, out of stock

Other sight parts

New Model No. 3, (shown below) Target rear sight/barrel catch assembly, complete with everything except there is no sight blade (slide), brand new, never fitted to itself or to a gun. SOLD



To order parts: please use the e-mail link to contact me and check stock first.

Payments: I accept Visa or Mastercard or you may send me a check or money order as payment, in either case; use the e-mail link to contact meand check stock first. Shipping charge is a minimum of $7.00 US per order shipped inside the USA only for USPS Priority Mail. Please note: $25.00 merchandise minimum on credit card orders. On orders over $100. value, please add at least $5. more for insurance.

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below, typical "Paine" target front sights

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