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Obsolete and Antique

Smith & Wesson Parts

We are no longer selling parts for these firearms. We have left diagrams intact for your convenience to help you identify a part you are looking for, but we no longer sell nor make these parts. If you would like to purchase parts for these old firearms, please try Jack First, Inc., or Numrich Arms. Thank you

Index to the online
Smith & Wesson parts Catalog

Tip Up Revolver parts

Page One Model One .22 RimFire
Page Two Model 1 .32 RimFire
Page Three Model 2 .32 RimFire

Top Break Revolver parts (also see Other S&W parts below)

Page Four .32 Single Action
Page Five .32 Double Action
Page Six .32 Safety Hammerless
Page Seven .38 Single Action
Page Eight .38 Double Action
Page Nine .38 Safety Hammerless
Page Ten  
Page Eleven No. 3 .44 American & Russian Models
Page Twelve No. 3 .45 Schofield
Page Thirteen New Model No. 3
Page Fourteen .44 Double Action

Hand Ejector Revolver Parts

Page Fifteen Parts for I and J (.32) frame sizes (.32 Hand Ejector,.38 Terrier & 22/32, Chief Spl)
Page Sixteen

Parts for K & M frame sizes (.38 & 32-20 Hand Ejector, M&P and Ladysmith)

Page Sixteen-A Parts for K frame 1899 Model only (.38 & 32-20 Hand Ejector, M&P)
Page Seventeen Parts for N frames (.44 & 45 Hand Ejector, 38-44, .357 Magnum, 1917, etc)

The big-book about S&W's big guns; the Model Number Three!

"This book is to Smith & Wesson ~what~ R.L. Wilson's 'Colt, An American Legend' is to Colt."
Palaver Pete, Cowboy Chronicle book review of Smith & Wesson Sixguns of the Old West, November 2004