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Smith Enterprise 1876 Winchester type ladder rear sight (below)

Smith Enterprise buckhorn ladder type rear sight (bottom)


Ron Smith from Smith Enterprise in Tempe, AZ has just sent me a prototype for the graduated 1876 Winchester type ladder rear sight that he will be manufacturing shortly. The retail will be about $150.

No, the photo does not do the sight justice. Like the 1886 sight Smith introduced last year, this rear sight was one of the rarest of all the Winchester rear sights (its like a scaled up version of Winchester's old carbine ladder sight.) This new sight in every respect a beautifully made replica rear sight and one of the nicest I have seen. The only minor difference from the original occurs at the base of the ladder, where the elevator can interfere with the base if the shooter is not careful when folding it down. This is not anything more than a minor annoyance and Ron tells me that to correct it would simply drive the cost up to correct it at this point. Perhaps if he sells a bundle of these, the changes can be incorporated into later versions, however, other than that very tiny omission, this is a fine piece of work and there is no detraction from the quality. The sight has graduations like the original and is marked "1876". Like all of Ron Smith's super quality products, the new rear sight has been beautifully machined from steel bar stock. Even though it is made for and like the 1876 sight, it would be possible to install one on almost any lever action with a 3/8" dovetail. What a classy addition this would be to an Uberti 1873 or 1866!


Smith Enterprise Buckhorn ladder type rear sight (below)

Ron's latest version of his Buckhorn folding ladder sight is compatible with most lever action rifles, including many imported lever guns. The sight comes with no graduations but it is equipped with accurate side detents that hold the elevator in place. A standard 3/8" dovetail is used to make this sight applicable to almost all rifle barrels and it would certainly enhance the looks and utility of any replica lever action rifle. Slick and beautifully machined from steel bar stock, Smith's new Buckhorn rear sight is finished in a fine matt-blue and retails for $90.

the buckhorn

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